What is Phellinus?

Phellinus Linteus

Phellinus linteus is included in the Phellinus genus of the Hymenochaetaceae family of the Aphylloporales order of the mushroom class (Basidiomycetes) that mostly consists of fungi of medical use and edible fungi. Phellinus linteus is called Meshima in Japan (Danjo Island) and Sanghwang in Korea.  

Phellinus linteus has long been recognized in ancient texts as the “mushroom of immortality” and widely used in Japan, Korea and China as a medicine for a variety of ailments.

Phellinus Igniarius

Phellinus igniarius is a different species of mushroom from Phellinus linteus and the second most biologically active Phellinus species known of. Although not recorded to be as potent as Phellinus linteus, modern research reveals the presence of many beneficial compounds inside Phellinus igniarius natural fruiting body with a variety of useful health applications. 


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