AG Vision &  Mission
“ (National) Expert company in
health products from Thai mushroom ”
Core Value
Combining traditional wisdom
and experience with modern science
for the benefit of human health

– Modern Methods –

For centuries humans have acknowledged the power of nature’s finest tonics, but conventional extraction and production methods have always posed the risk of inconsistencies.

At Amazing Grace we employ modern methods at each stage of Phellinus tonic creation in order to deliver products with scientific accuracy and consistently high standard.



     With over 400 species of Phellinus, we use 3 separate techniques to ensure correctly identifying Phellinus linteus and igniarius species:
     – Visual recognition (high expertise needed)
     – Transmission Electron Microscope
     – DNA analysis


     Detailed analysis is performed on all raw material extracts to determine the exact levels and concentrations of compounds present. Further verification is obtained by sending samples for external testing as well.


     After verification of raw material quality, all tonics are produced in small batches according to strict Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) standards, the relevant global standard of best practices. Current Good Manufacturing Practices in our industry require top standards for all important manufacturing practices such as:
     – Hygiene & waste management
     – Production processes & equipment
     – Transparency & reporting
     – Segregation of duties & components

     Following the latest global best practices allows us to ensure production only of the highest quality.


     All finished products are tested internally and sent to external regulated 3rd party labs for:
     – Quantifying the amounts of active ingredients
     – Measuring presence of heavy metals, microbes and other hazardous contaminants
     – After passing this stage, all of our products are considered approved for sale.

– Quality Commitment –

We believe that when using natural tonics, consistency and quality control is the top priority.

Our most important investment continues to be in quality control, assurance, batch testing and analysis.

In addition to rigorous quality control checks during manufacturing, we conduct post-production testing internally and also send finished batches of capsule and liquid tonic to external labs to test for authenticity, composition, toxicity, heavy metals, microbial and other contaminants.

All natural Phellinus linteus and Phellinus igniarius extracts found inside Amazing Grace products have passed LD50 acute oral toxicity testing: this certifies they are safe for human consumption up to the daily limit of 15,000mg per kg of bodyweight.
We also store a sample of every batch for the duration of its circulation, as well as samples of the raw Phellinus that was harvested.

Our commitment to quality assurance and best industry practices allows us all to enjoy the timeless natural wonders of Phellinus linteus and Phellinus igniarius with scientific precision and also peace of mind.
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