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We believe that when using natural tonics, prioritising consistency and quality control is a requirement in order to expect any results. Learn more about our methods here and our commitment to quality here.

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designed to complete the cleansing of your skin, helping to get rid of the dust , pollution ,oils and other impurities

THB 780 ฿ 780
THB 390 ฿ 390 -50%

Tonic made with natural Phellinus igniarius fruiting body

THB 2,100 ฿ 2,100

Meshima Bio-Intensive Day Cream Hydric & SPF15 finest premium ingredients to provide your skin with all-day nourishment and protection

THB 1,390 ฿ 1,390

A perfect symphony of premium natural ingredients that is formulated to repair your skin overnight so that you feel and look rejuvenated in the morning

THB 1,770 ฿ 1,770

Meshima Lingzhi and Vinegar flavored Tea is a natural fermented mushroom beverage which made by natural tea

THB 890 ฿ 890